Neuro Emotional Technique

NET Home Run Formula

NET Home Run Formula

Our body-mind in its ideal state, is perfectly connected with a series of nerves, hormones and healthy blood. Emotions are a normal part of our mind -body connection.

People used to think that the mind and body were separate or that emotions were a part of the brain only. We now have science that has shown that other parts of the body can hold emotional charges , as well. Many of us often have a reactive nervous stomach (butterflies, tightness) when we are stressed. The body can hold many of these trapped emotions.

Many emotions that we have will resolve on their own. If a person is in a weakened state, due to some significant stressful event, transition, or trauma, emotions can cause our body to develop negative neuro-emotional complexes that breakdown health. These negative emotional reactions need to healed, and Neuro Emotional Technique or NET is an effective way to return your body-mind to its ideal state of balance.

Background Concepts & Dynamics of NET

NET – 2-Minute Stress Relief Procedure Demo

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