Si Yuan Balance Method

In Chinese, Si Yuan 思源 means “thinking of the source”. This expresses the forever respect, homage and gratitude of disciples Eileen Han, Delphine Armand and Paul Wang towards their late Master.

Developed over the course of 30 years, the Balance Method revolutionizes the way acupuncture is taught and practiced worldwide. It is a crystal-clear, 3-step treatment strategy that provides logical, precise and effective stimulation of a minimal number of distal points, thereby avoiding the aggravation of local areas of pain.

Erika Barrantes of Pure Life Acupuncture is a practitioner of this method of treatment.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

FDA Approved Medical Technology

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has been used worldwide for over 40 years to relieve pain, remove scars, heal wounds, regenerate nerves and solve addictions. On January 17th, 2002, the first U.S. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) company, Erchonia, the laser you’re being treated with, received FDA clearance through a clinical trial. The study took 100 patients complaining of Neck and Shoulder pain. Half were treated with a useless red light (placebo group), similar to that on a computer mouse or grocery check-out, and the other half received LLLT. The treatment group beat the placebo group by 66%! That’s 66% faster relief and more complete relief, a remarkable margin. Such a study is known as “double blind” research and is the gold standard for measuring the validity of a therapy. Similar studies have been passed by the FDA for Carpal Tunnel, Wounds, and Scar Tissue. There are over 2000 published studies on LLLT reporting zero negative side effects. Visit for in-depth research.

“What does this thing do again?”

In a nutshell, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) causes tissues to heal faster – muscle, skin, and nerve – 66% faster according to the above FDA study. Specifically, LLLT works at the cell level. Human cells produce a chemical known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to run the body and heal tissue. All of our body’s activities result from the use of ATP, it’s like gasoline to a car. LLLT stimulates a micro-structure within the cells called the mitochondria (nicknamed the “powerhouse” because it produces ATP) to produce slightly higher amounts of ATP. Thus with more ATP at the cell level, tissues heal faster, and therefore relief comes quicker.

Low Level Laser Treatment

Conditions and Symptoms

As is true of many alternative therapies, you may receive alternative benefits to being treated, in addition to what you wanted to be fixed in the first place. This is because the ATP being produced is “systemic”, meaning although we’re focusing the laser on a particular area, the ATP is ultimately being sent throughout your entire body. The list of symptoms responding to LLLT is growing, and more valid research is being performed on a daily basis.

Number of Treatments needed: 4-12 treatments are necessary to begin the healing process of tissue, although in some cases relief can begin immediately.

Maximum treatment: 1x per day per area, minimum would be 1x per week to still see results. Multiple areas of complaint may be treated. This treatment cycle may need to be repeated, and eventually spread out.

About the Lasers

Erchonia Corp.- Changing the way many medical conditions
are treated by utilizing laser technology, free of side effects.

  • Founded in 1996.
  • First company in the world to gain an FDA market clearance for the use of Low LevelLaser.
  • (6) FDA 510k approvals with several more in progress.
  • More Level (1) Clinical trials than all other lasers combined.
  • Products Made in the USA

Rapid Release Technology (TM)

Rapid Release Technology

Rapid Release Therapy (TM) is a revolutionary breakthrough in therapeutic technology focused on relief of soft tissue problems affecting nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. RRT was designed at the ground up to operate at a very high frequency with a very small stroke, thus producing fast, lasting results. In addition, this frequency is in a range that is known to relax muscle guarding or spasms. This lightweight, maneuverable Targeted High Speed Vibration device is unique and in it’s own class.


The Science of Resonance

RRT relies upon the science of resonance. Like the piano note vibrating the corresponding guitar string across the room, the target absorbs vibrational energy and oscillates. Same principle as the opera singer who can vibrate a crystal glass across the room until it breaks. RRT operates at a frequency much faster than the fastest competition. Notice the symmetry of high speed compression waves through healthy tissue. Now notice the lack of waves when RRT is put over chronic fibrous tissue. The energy is absorbed by the denser tissue and it begins to vibrate.

T-Zone Vibration Machine

t-zone_logo-stretched2We are pleased to offer the training and use of a cardio therapy machine from T-Zone Vibration Health Technology.

t-zone-machineCheck out this list of over 20 (and counting!) functions the T-Zone Vibration machine can perform for you. Every single one of these functions are worth owning a machine just on their own, but in combination – there is absolutely nobody in the world who wouldn’t benefit from whole body vibration.

Do you want to lose weight? T-Zone Vibration is a cardio machine. T-Zone Vibration has the only vibration machine that has aerobic capabilities. Use your magic mat, included with all new machines, and perform stutter steps, high knees, or any number of aerobic exercises shown on our YouTube site to get your heart rate up.

Do you want to work out to get stronger? T-Zone vibration is a strength training machine. The classic use of vibration is for Low Impact strength training. Keep your speed low and follow along the routines programmed into your aerobic or golf machines, our Vibration exercise DVD, or any other set of exercises designed to work your core, upper and lower body.

Are you low on time? T-Zone Vibration is a time-saving machine. With a T-Zone Vibration machine, 10 minutes = 1 hour. How? Because with T-Zone you are working your whole body out at once, instead of one muscle group at a time. A workout on a whole body vibration takes less time with more dramatic results than conventional exercise.

Do you spend a lot of time sitting? T-Zone Vibration is an antidote to sitting disease. Did you know sitting has been found to be on par with smoking as a cause of disease? Thankfully T-Zone vibration is all you need to get relief. Sitting is like a lower-gravity environment while vibration ramps up the g-force by a factor of 3, 4, or 5 times – so T-Zone vibration not offers only the movement needed to counteract too much sitting, it offers an increased g-force (or gravity) – which is exactly what is missing when in a chair or bed for hours at a time.

Do you play sports? T-Zone vibration is a warm up and cool down machine. Warm up is essential for high level performance as well as injury prevention. Some people use their vibration machine exclusively as a warm up machine before golfing, running, or other sport performance. Use a higher speed and move through the range of motion you are warming up for. Cooling down after exercise can be just as beneficial. Again, a high speed is best – work through a counter motion for the muscles you have been using.

Do you want to try interval training? T-Zone Vibration is an interval training machine. T-Zone Vibration’s newest models actually come with interval training programming built right in – just press a button and you’re ready to go.

Do you want to get faster? T-Zone vibration is a muscle speed machine. Due to increased flexibility as well as the muscle growth from your body’s reactions to the destabilizing motion of the machine, your muscles will grow and perform faster than they would without vibration.

Have you had an injury? T-Zone is a therapy machine. Because of it’s low impact and gentle but effective nature, a huge segment of vibration users come to vibration after an injury. They use it to work the strength back up and deal with discomfort.  Vibration can also be used in partnership with your health practitioner by working through a set of prescribed exercises at home. Of course, check with your health practitioner first to ensure you are ready for vibration training.

Do you go to a Chiropractor? T-Zone Vibration is a chiropractic machine. Chiropractors love whole body vibration for restoring physical function, and allowing their patients to treat themselves at home between visits.

Do you love massage and to feel good? T-Zone Vibration is a massage machine. Just lying on your machine at high speeds feels great and can get things moving in the body, giving you that all-over good feeling.

Do you have a bad back, hip, knee, or other joint issues? T-Zone vibration works to restore joint function. Many people have found vibration to be the only thing to help them with back, hip, shoulder, knee, even wrist discomfort! After trying everything else, vibration has even helped people walk who were previously confined to a a walker or wheelchair.  Talk to your health practitioner and local vibration expert about how to get moving again.

Do you use or think you might need to use a walker, or generally have an issue with stability? T-Zone vibration is a stability machine. Vibration helps to ‘retrain’ the body and regain some lost stability for those with ongoing stability issues. It also helps add stability for those who want to improve sport performance or just feel great. Low speeds are best here while performing some mobility stretches such as the broomstick or angry cat.

Do you want to work on those trouble spots? T-Zone vibration decreases cellulite visibility. Just using your vibration machine regularly has been proven to decrease cellulite visibility! In 6 weeks you are likely to enjoy a smoother, slimmer appearance.

Do you want to look younger? T-Zone Vibration is a facial machine. Stand on your machine at a high speed, and using your palms and fingers gently ‘brush’ the skin on your face and neck, always going in the direction of your heart. In 3 minutes you’ll notice a brighter more youthful appearance!

Are you worried about toxin buildup in the body? T-Zone vibration is a toxin removal machine. Using your vibration machine at a low or high speed will help your body work through and eliminate harmful toxins from the body. Natural health practitioners love it for it’s drug-free, natural way of helping the body improve function.

Do you want better coordination for sports or for improved daily function? T-Zone vibration is a coordination machine. The see-saw motion of the oscillating vibration machine helps your body improve coordination. By adding strength exercises you will further enhance the effect.

Do you want to increase your flexibility for injury recuperation, sports, or daily comfort? T-Zone Vibration is a flexibility machine. This is one of the benefits of vibration that can be demonstrated the fastest. Try rotating your body at the hip and see how far you can turn. Now try after being on a vibration machine for just a few minutes – you will see a huge increase in your range of motion, usually in under 3 minutes. Range of motion is a major factor in managing mobility issues as well as improving sports performance.

Do you want to improve your golf or other sport game? T-Zone is an explosive power machine. Explosive power is one of the most studied effects of vibration training. Studies show that when doing the same exercises on the ground as on a vibration machine, the vibration machine group will show much higher gains in explosive power as well as other strength criteria.

Do you want to feel more energized? T-Zone Vibration is an energy machine. For those who just want to feel better and get through their day with ease, vibration is the best tool for increasing your energy and vigour. Just using vibration regularly will help you see a difference.

Do you want to look better overall? T-Zone Vibration is a tighten and tone machine.

Want to look a little better, in and out of your jeans? Vibration works faster than conventional exercise at getting to your fitness goals.

Do you want the best athletic performance? T-Zone Vibration is a Dynamic vs. Static stretching machine.

If you want to get the best sports performance, you probably already know that static stretching has been shown to actually decrease strength. Vibration offers dynamic stretching, which is warm muscle stretching, widely considered to be the best type of stretching.



A patient receives needles during an acupuncture  treatment.

A patient receives needles during an acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing and improve function. This is done by inserting sterilized, stainless-steel needles (that are as fine as a human hair) into specific points located near or on the surface of the skin which have the ability to alter various biochemical and physiological conditions in order to treat a wide variety of illnesses.

Traditional Chinese Medicine views a person as an energy system in which body and mind are unified, each influencing and balancing the other. Unlike Western medicine which attempts to isolate and separate a disease from a person, Chinese Medicine emphasizes a holistic approach that treats the whole person.

Your practitioner will make a Chinese medical diagnosis based upon a thorough examination and consultation. The examination includes the assessment of the pulse and tongue. Once a diagnosis is made, your acupuncturist will choose the most appropriate acupuncture points for treatment.

Qi – Qi (pronounced chee) can be defined as the “force” or “vital substance” that animates and controls the observable functions of living beings. The basic foundation for Asian medicine is that this vital substance flows through the body on channels known as meridians that connect all of our major organs. According to Chinese medical theory, illness arises when the cyclical flow of Qi in the meridians becomes unbalanced or is blocked.

The basis of acupuncture is expressed in this famous Chinese saying: “Bu tong ze tong, tong ze bu tong” which means “free flow: no pain, no free flow: pain.”

In other words, any kind of pain or illness represents an obstruction in the normal flow of Qi or life force. Simply put, acupuncture moves Qi, restoring free flow.

Acupuncture points are areas of designated electrical sensitivity that have been shown to be effective in the treatment of specific health problems. They have been mapped out by the Chinese over a period of over 2000 years.

NIS – Neurolink

Specializing in acute pain and chronic illness the Neurological Integration System (NIS) uses the latest scientific research at a cellular level to address CAUSES and not symptoms. ONLY by addressing your health at cell level can you achieve optimum sustainability.

Who is NIS for?

NIS is suitable for the whole family!  Over the last 20 years practitioners globally have been using the NIS system in practice, treating a wide spectrum of symptoms/ complaints.Your practitioner is accessing the brains intelligence, though a muscle test and proprietary integration method – developed by Neurolink.

The approach is safe, non-invasive, non-manipulative, so it is therefore suitable for the newborn baby through to the very aged, and those that are very sick or injured. NIS is one of the safest methods of healthcare available.

How long will the results last?

Each case is unique, and treatment findings will vary from person to person – even for two patients with the same issue.

Results can depend on the length of time the person has had the complaint, the severity and the age of the person.

There are some complaints that should only need to be addressed once (over the first series of treatments).

But as we go though our daily lives we are continuously exposed to external stresses that can sometimes overload our body systems causing new issues to arise.

The key is be pro-active, to have regular ‘check-ups’.  If you are going away on holiday, or you are going through a stressful time at work have a check-up.  It is important to make sure you continue to operate at optimum potential at all times!

Whole Food Nutrition

Beebalm and other flowers float in a cup of herbal tea made with catnip, motherwort, beebalm, lavender, and lemon balm.

Beebalm and other flowers float in a cup of herbal tea made with catnip, motherwort, beebalm, lavender, and lemon balm.

What you put into you does make a difference. When we do not eat the right foods, like fruits and vegetables, we become deficient in vitamins and minerals. Our bodies react negatively when we put substances into the body that disrupt normal health function. Health problems are often the result of harmful chemicals, preservatives and unnatural foods. Found in many ‘supermarket’ foods, partially hydrogenated fats (trans fats) and nitrites are just two such major offenders. While the job of these substances is to expand a food’s shelf life, their effects on the body are dangerous.

Only whole foods (not synthetic vitamins) provide the basic building blocks to repair tissues of the body. Dr. Barrantes only uses whole foods and whole food concentrates to help you repair and sustain your organs, glands and tissues. Don’t accept synthetic substitutes for nature.



Echinacea was used by Native Americans for a variety of homeopathic remedies

Homeopathy is a system of therapy that looks at the whole of the body, mind and spirit by using active ingredients in minute doses, along with naturally occuring substances in order to stimulate the body’s own defense and healing process. Homeopathy stimulates the body’s immune system, allowing the body to return to a balanced state.

Homeopaths see symptoms of illness as evidence of the body’s natural and automatic efforts to heal itself and use these clues to guide them when prescribing a homeopathic remedy.

The homeopathic doctor uses these symptom clues from all aspects of the patient’s make up to arrive at a clear understanding of the nature of the disorder. The patient’s likes, dislikes, symptom times of the day, emotional state are all considered important to the well trained homeopath.

Only then is a remedy then prescribed for that individual patient’s disorder.

Neuro Emotional Technique

Background Concepts & Dynamics of NET

NET Home Run Formula

NET Home Run Formula

Our body-mind in its ideal state, is perfectly connected with a series of nerves, hormones and healthy blood. Emotions are a normal part of our mind -body connection.

People used to think that the mind and body were separate or that emotions were a part of the brain only. We now have science that has shown that other parts of the body can hold emotional charges , as well. Many of us often have a reactive nervous stomach (butterflies, tightness) when we are stressed. The body can hold many of these trapped emotions.

Many emotions that we have will resolve on their own. If a person is in a weakened state, due to some significant stressful event, transition, or trauma, emotions can cause our body to develop negative neuro-emotional complexes that breakdown health. These negative emotional reactions need to healed, and Neuro Emotional Technique or NET is an effective way to return your body-mind to its ideal state of balance.

Background Concepts & Dynamics of NET

NET – 2-Minute Stress Relief Procedure Demo


NET Reduces Symptoms of Traumatic Stress in Cancer Survivors, Thomas Jefferson University